Sir Galahad was a Knight of the Round Table and son to Sir Lancelot du Lac. Though never as brave as his father, he was nevertheless considered a brave and honourable knight in his own right by many. He was, however, still seen as a buffoon by the likes of Prince Mordred who, despite this negative opinion, worked well with the young knight in battle. Galahad joined King Arthur's quest for Space Britain aboard Camelot as they ventured to the stars.



Galahad wears white, shining armour that is a replica of his father's. Over this he wears a tabard that, also like his father, bears a fleurs-de-lis as its crest. He has, however, chosen his own colour beneath the crest - forest green. Like all knights, he also wears a space suit beneath his armour and has a space helmet with a visor for seeing[Pan 1].


While Prince Mordred initially held a very negative opinion of Sir Galahad, considering him to be half as brave as Sir Lancelot yet just as stupid. Galahad often speaks of his father, even to the point of inferring his father whenever speaking of himself[Pan 1]. Mordred later warmed, slightly, to Galahad as they fought in battle together. Galahad proved that while he wasn't a match for his father's bravery, he made up for that with world smarts and common sense[Pan 2].


Sword & Shield

Sir Galahad initially possessed a standard sword and shield with which to do battle. His sword, however, was easily melted by the laser swords of the Kryptons and his shield barely withstood the force-blasts from their energy weapons[Pan 2].




Space Camelot

See also: Space Camelot

Sir Galahad, as a Knight of the Round Table, ventured to the stars aboard Camelot with King Arthur. His first mission was to be part of an Away Team to explore the planet Venus with his father, Sir Lancelot, leading the excursion. Joined by Prince Mordred, The Faerie Knight and The Black Knight their exploration led to the discovery of the rock-men. Lancelot attempted to kill the mysterious being but his Earthly weapons had no affect upon the rock torso of the creature. Fortunately the stranger proved to be friendly, if somewhat dumb and completely mute, and joined Camelot's Crew[Pan 1]. He then visited the planet Saturn with an ambassadorial team led by Sir Bedivere with the intention of meeting with the X-Kryptons. The team was invited to meet the Custodians of the X-Krypton City, one of whom, Gamma Pans, was able to speak English. Their talks were cut short, however, with a raid upon the city. The knights chose to aid the X-Kryptons against their enemy. The enemy Kryptons used weapons the knights had never seen before. Their guns fired energy globs that struck Sir Galahad's shield with immense force, knocking him to the ground. They also had laser swords that sliced through his own metal sword with ease. He fought alongside Prince Mordred, their bond deepening through shared battle experience and they worked well as a pair of fighters. The battle was won and Sir Lancelot declared that they should aid the X-Kryptons against the G-Kryptons for their treacherous assault upon the city[Pan 2].


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