Sir Kay was a Knight of the Round Table and half-brother to King Arthur himself. Sir Kay, though highly trusted by the knights, was generally resentful of his brother, especially his brother's position over himself. Kay rarely took things seriously and always had a joke or snide remark for everyone around him. He would enjoy debasing his brother for his flaws.





Sir Kay rarely takes things seriously and is always quick to joke or to make snide remarks about others, especially his half-brother, Arthur, of whom Kay is clearly jealous. Kay is considered brave and is one of the only knights unafraid of Morganna le Fay[Pan 1]. He likes to provoke petty arguments and annoy people deliberately[Pan 2].

Kay has a general lack of exotic knowledge, including animals such as kangaroos and pandas[Pan 3].






Early Life

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Sir Kay was born to Lady Igraine and her first husband, while Arthur was born by Igraine with Uther Pendragon out of wedlock. This makes Sir Kay Arthur's half-brother, though Igraine did go on to marry Uther after her first husband's death[Pan 1]. Sir Kay's father was Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall, who also bore a daughter with Igraine, Morgause[Pan 4].

Space Camelot

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Kay, despite his jealousy of Arthur, became a trusted Knight of the Round Table and was invited to a private meeting held by Arthur at their mutual home of Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, Dumnonia. When Merlin the Younger brings up the topic of the incestuous relationship that Arthur had with his half-sister, by his father, Morganna le Fay, Sir Kay takes note of how awkward and uncomfortable the meeting is getting throughout the duration of it - deliberately trying to make it all the more awkward so as to embarrass his brother. Eventually Arthur explains that he and Merlin the Elder found a space-faring vessel beneath Great Britain and that he requires Morgan to sacrifice her magical island of Avalon to use the magic to raise this gigantic ship. Morgan tries to blackmail Arthur into resuming their former relationship when Queen Guinevere arrives, much to Kay's amusement. Morgan is eventually goaded into it and agrees only if she and her son, Prince Mordred, can go along too[Pan 1]. Merlin the Younger is sent to Mount Snowden with Sir Kay, Sir Bedivere and the Aes Sidhe witch, Shalott, to watch for the rising spaceship, Camelot, from the Irish Sea. Instead of coming up in the sea, however, it comes up from beneath Ireland itself and threatens to send the entire island into the depths. Shalott calls upon other Aes Sidhe to aid her in saving the land and balancing the whole island again while Kay and Bedivere are attacked by the Afanc. A mental communiqué to Vivane at Stonehenge informs Morganna, who is rising the ship, to move it slightly to the left and avoid destroying all of Ireland[Pan 2].


Britt's Commentary

"Sir Kay is one of the few knights that really didn't change all that much from his original Arthurian incarnation. He has the same sort of personality as well as the same skills and role in Arthur's story, though instead of foster brother he is the half brother to Arthur. Sir Kay is, perhaps, less strong than he was presented in the original Welsh poems that tell of his deeds, and far more prone to surrender than he would have done in the old stories. In a lot of ways Sir Kay is used as a foil to everyone else. Save for Prince Mordred, Kay is probably the most rationally minded of all the knights and his sarcasm and cold wit usually consists of berating everyone and everything for their oddities and lack of sense." ~ Britt the Writer.


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