Sir Lancelot was a Knight of the Round Table and best friend to King Arthur. He helped Arthur conquer his kingdom of Britannia and later travelled with him aboard Camelot to venture into space. Lancelot was often at the fore due to his bravery, making him the perfect leader for 'away teams'. Lancelot was a womaniser who sought to woo as many ladies as he could manage.



He wears white armour and his signature tabard is blue and patterned with a traditional, yellow coloured fleurs-de-lis[Pan 1].


Lancelot will jump at any opportunity to woo women, even space alien women. He considers himself to be a knight of virtue and honour, even proclaiming 'conquering space babes' to be a worthy quest for a knight such as him. Lancelot considers women of a sexual nature to be great women, and he declares Morganna le Fay to be the greatest of them all for her frank sexual openness but she only has affection for Arthur. Lancelot abhors the notion that he might get married, even to a woman of Morgan's calibre[Pan 2]. Lancelot isn't very smart and is prone to making mistakes and rushing headlong into battles. He likes to lead and wants even his own son to appreciate the chain of command[Pan 1].



King Arthur

Lancelot has a very close friendship to King Arthur, who regards Lancelot as his most trusted friend and knight[Pan 1].







Space Camelot

See also: Space Camelot

As King Arthur's closest friend, Lancelot is invited to Arthur's secret meeting at Tintagel Castle, in Cornwall, where he unveils the discovery of a ship buried deep beneath the earth of Great Britain which, he claims, can fly through the sky and into space. At Arthur's mention of 'conquering space babes', Lancelot vouches that he is in. However it would require Morgan le Fay to sacrifice her magical island home, Avalon, to absorb and use enough magical energy to raise the ship from beneath the land. She is eventually goaded into compliance by Merlin the Younger after attempting to blackmail Arthur into engaging in their past relationship again. Queen Guinevere arrives to agree that Morgan should come with them into space so that her son, Prince Mordred, could be given a kingdom of his own - away from Britannia, which is for her own son, Prince Llacheu[Pan 2]. Sir Lancelot was not allowed to go to Mount Snowdon to watch for Camelot, the ship, to rise from the Irish Sea because Shalott would be there and it was deemed wise to separate the two of them because of Shalott's love for Lancelot. Vivane, The Lady of the Lake, would help Morgan with raising Camelot from beneath the land. She channelled powerful magical currents from the magical realm of Albion, through The Rift beneath Stonehenge, and into Morgan. Morgan was then able to act as a conduit and take possession of the ship buried deep down. This caused all of Great Britain to shake and Lancelot was almost crushed by a falling stone of Stonehenge. After almost destroying Ireland in the raising of the ship, it was finally airborne[Pan 3].


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