Template:LocationSpace Britain refers to the Crew of Camelot and the population under King Arthur during his quest to settle a new world away from the planet Earth. They left Britannia aboard the spacecraft named Camelot to colonise a new world and explore the Milky Way Galaxy. They were joined by other beings of other species, such as Andy from Venus and Admiral Ltexi from Jupiter.

The Royal Family

The rulers of Space Britain stem from the royal family. King Arthur is the ruler with his son, Prince Mordred, set to inherit. Arthur's son by Queen Guinevere inherited Britannia on Earth and not 'Space Britain'.

King Arthur | Queen Guinevere | Prince Mordred

Knights of the Round Table

Main article: Knights of the Round Table


Sir Kay | Sir Bedivere | Sir Lancelot | Sir Galahad | Sir The Black Knight | Sir The Faerie Knight | Sir Knight of the Red Rose | Sir Caelia | Sir Tristram

Other Camelot Crew

Crew members, aside from the royal family and the knights, of Camelot serve a double purpose in operating the ship and aiding the king in whatever tasks he requires of them.

Morganna le Fay | Merlin the Younger


Some people of Space Britain are expatriates, having left their own civilisations to join King Arthur's.


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