T.I.E. Fighters are one-man fighters used by the Galactic Empire of the Milky Way primarily in space combat. TIEs usually come in three types, bombers, fighters and interceptors, though there are other types which are less common. Since the break up of the Empire, break away factions, such as Dienhand's Fleet, also largely use TIE Fighters in their fleets. They're grey, small and lack shields, meaning that they are easy and quick to build but very flimsy and easily destroyed.









TIE-Cops are a variant of the TIE fighters that fly around and check for small-scale crimes, such as illegal fly-betweens of Stardestroyers[NeS1 1]


Grand Admiral Thrawn's Fleet

Grand Admiral Thrawn, acting on behalf of the Galactic Empire, had an Imperial fleet stationed around Earth. Within the fleet were TIE Fighters[NeS1 2] and TIE-Cops[NeS1 1].

Dienhand's Fleet



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