Tales Post 1 is an introductory post to Tales from The Imperium and explains that the thread is primarily a closed thread for use by Britt the Writer in writing segments for The Imperium and the Extended Universe of the Never-ending Story. It also contains a contents section for the page as it is primarily built up of mini-arcs.


Tales of The Imperium is a spin-off thread for the Never-ending Story. It's a closed thread to be exclusively written by Britt the Writer though many features and materials may be derived from multiple NeS Writers. It almost exclusively revolves around characters and deeds of The Imperium, an empire partly featured within the NeSiverse and beyond it.

This thread has been created so that any ideas I have for The Imperium can be used with minimal offensive impact upon other Writers' ideas. Though features from this thread could be used elsewhere, that isn't the intention. Characters may feature elsewhere but preferably they will remain here unless wanted or established elsewhere.

Reading this thread is absolutely unnecessary for writing on any other NeS-related thread and is largely meant to be an outlet for random ideas for NeS stuff that might just clog up the other threads.

For other extended universe material, please see Pantheons of the NeSiverse. For the specific character tale of Clear, see Clear and the Hopeless.

This post will be constantly updated with a contents section.



The Story of Ameryl


Shades of an Empire

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