Template:CharacterTaliesin is a ages-old mage and former NeSorcerer.



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Taliesin witnessed the destruction of Doughnutdelf at the hands of the NeSferatu who invaded and killed the druids and mages within. They were led by Nyneve, who had just been declared the new NeSorcerer by Merlin and quickly betrayed her old mentor and lover, confining him within Doughnutdelf through magic and narrative trope. Unable to defeat her and her NeSferatu, Taliesin fled. One year later he gathered a meeting to discuss opening a new school of magic, which was ultimately decided would be in Gaul when Morganna le Fay revealed a great cross of magical ley lines in the area[Pan 1].


Pantheons of the NeSiverse References

  1. Pan Post 36, Pan Page 1, Space Camelot, Pantheons of the NeSiverse written by Al Ciao the Writer.

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