The Faerie Knight was a half-faerie, half-human Knight of the Round Table and saw King Arthur as his liege. Both his mother and his father were also knights of the round table, his mother being the faerie Sir Caelia and his father the sailor Tom a'Lincoln (otherwise known as The Red Rose Knight). The Faerie Knight joined the king and his knights on their quest to the stars aboard Camelot to found Space Britain. He inherited his mother's magical affinity and is able to conjure magical spells, particularly using aether to create lightning magic.



The Faerie Knight wears a soft hued pink tabard, which in the time period of 500AD would have no connotations towards femininity (despite the anachronistic opinions of Prince Mordred), and the tails of the tabard are coloured black to compliment the pink. Upon the tabard is a crested sphere with a bright star shining out from its centre - a symbol meant to represent magic. When wearing his spacesuit, the Faerie Knight has created a vined rose pattern upon the helmet to represent his parentage from the Red Rose Knight[Pan 1].


Between himself and his sister, Faerie Knight is the more talkative and sociable of the two. He is cautious and unwilling to enter combat without provocation, the opposite to his sibling[Pan 1].



Faerie Knight inherited his mother's talent for magic[Pan 1]. He is able to crate powerful blasts of lightning from his hands, which are coloured green, though they can be defended against with special armours, such as the Krypton liquid armour[Pan 2].


Pre-Space Camelot

Faerie Knight is the son born of Tom a'Lincoln[Pan 1], the Red Rose Knight, and Sir Caelia, the faerie, which makes him half-faerie, half-human.

Space Camelot

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The planet Venus was the first planet that the Camelot crew decided to visit in person since King Arthur led them from their home on Earth into space aboard the starship Camelot. An 'away team' was sent down to investigate the world, which was led by experienced knight Sir Lancelot du Lac. In his team was Prince Mordred, the king's son, Sir Galahad, Lancelot's own son, and the brother-sister duo The Black Knight and The Faerie Knight. In order to reach the planet they had to wear space-suits and travel aboard a small space-boat; information they learnt after the first expedition of red-shirts were killed by sulphuric rain. When they first landed on the planet they immediately found the skeletal remains of the previous team and Mordred voted that Lancelot ought to go first. In response to this Lancelot played a trick on them by pretending to die just outside of the boat, panicking the others inside only for him to laugh at them a moment later.

After some exploring they come across a strange rock-man being who Lancelot instantly attacks, only to find his weapon pinged off the stone hide of the creature. Despite the unprovoked attack, the rock-man didn't retaliate and proved to be very friendly, though unable to speak. This rock-man, later named Andy by Merlin the Younger, joined the Camelot crew to explore the galaxy[Pan 1].


Camelot came to the planet Saturn where the Faerie Knight was part of a diplomatic envoy to speak with the native Kryptons. They went down to the X-Krypton City where his half-sister, the Black Knight, remained on guard outside the Custodian House. In the middle of the talks the city is attacked by raiders and the Black Knight went off to defend the city, forcing the other knights to follow her suit. She executed one of the raiders on sight, which shocked Gamma Pans, one of the city's Custodians. The other raiders then attacked and conventional humans weapons proved ineffective against their liquid armour. Even the lightning magic that the Faerie Knight expelled was absorbed by the mysterious armour. Gamma Pans had his own magical lightning amulet, which proved more effective. Once the battle was won, Gamma Pans discovered that the attackers were of X-Krypton allies the G-Kryptons and he declared war against the G-Krypton City[Pan 2]. Sir Lancelot managed to convince King Arthur to join the war on the side of the X-Kryptons due to the betrayal, a great sin in the eyes of the Knights of the Round Table. Though Sir Bedivere wanted to acquire the technology they had witnessed, The Faerie Knight asserts that the Lightning Amulet of Gamma Pans was magical and not technological. Morganna le Fay is convinced that magic beyond Earth is murky and that the G-Krypton City should be bombarded from space. Bedivere, however, countered because the technology would be lost[Pan 3].


Britt's Commentary

The Faerie Knight is based on the Faerie Knight[Ext 1] of Arthurian legend[Ext 2] who was, as with Space Camelot, the brother to the Black Knight[Ext 3] and son of both Tom a'Lincoln[Ext 4] and Caelia[Ext 5], who was a faerie queen in the original material.


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