The Story of Ameryl is a mini-arc and part of the Tales of The Imperium. It follows the life of Ameryl after she has been exiled by her twin sister Imeryn following Imeryn's coup and grasp for ultimate power over the Hypericum queendom. Ameryl gradually casts off her former role as lady and queen and seeks to find her true self. After some soul-searching she reaches El'Psassment and learns the Philosophy of Nothing. Her past, however, catches up to her and she leaves once again, aiming to move on. She would meet with Reimi Soulstar and explore the Multiverse where she would encounter The Imperium before she would later join them, intent on using the anti-power weapon she was given. In time she would rise to become the Right Arm of The Imperium.


Becoming Nothing

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After being exiled by her sister, Imeryn, from Hypericum (citation), Ameryl and her entourage arrived on the planet Oeurwoud. They chose to stay in Aggran Forest, a popular tourist destination, where Ameryl discovered a new lease of life. She was free and unburdened by the pressures of society and conformity and could be whatever she truly wanted to be. Upon returning to her abode she met with Harold Haroldson but she realised that he was acting as a spy for her sister and she dismissed him. Following this she opted to dismiss her entire staff and sell all of the possessions that tethered her to her old life. She, instead, went in search of meaning in the Multiverse. She travelled to New Sima and from there she arrived at the city's sister-city, El'Psassment where she, and many others, sought meaning. She stumbled, finally, onto the steps of El'Psassment Wat[Tales 1].

Her Garden

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Dreams Lead to Nothing

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The Plague

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The Watcher

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The Captive Audience

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The Way of the Nunchuks

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Tales from The Imperium References

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