Tom a'Lincoln was a human from England that was also known as "The Red Rose Knight" and was a Knight of the Round Table under King Arthur. When he mistakenly believed that King Arthur was his father, Arthur took a shine to him and The Red Rose Knight became Arthur's most valuable naval knight. He bore two children with the faerie ? and his children became The Black Knight and The Faerie Knight, also serving as Knights of the Round Table. He worked aboard Camelot, acting as captain and trying to figure out the ship's alien systems alongside Merlin the Younger.



He has shaved dark hair down to stubble. He has a stocky, strong build from years of hard work and tanned skin from years on the sea[Pan 1].


He is used to thinking of his ship as an extension of his being, able to think in movement terms of the ship easily[Pan 1].


Expert Seaman

Tom a'Lincoln is regarded as an expert seaman by King Arthur and as such was hired to act as captain of Camelot and try to figure out the systems, along with Merlin the Younger. Always thinking of his ship as an extension of his being, he was the first to grasp the basic movements of the ship[Pan 1].


Tom a'Lincoln is an expert tactician, using battle smarts to gain the advantage over his enemies[Pan 1].





Tom a'Lincoln once heard of a drunken affair between King Arthur and his mother, who was a daughter to the Mayor of London, and asked Arthur if he was Arthur's bastard child. However the two men were roughly similar in age so that turned out to be untrue, however the strange encounter endeared Tom to Arthur and he became a Knight of the Round Table as The Red Rose Knight. Tom married a faerie woman with whom they begat two children dubbed The Black Knight and The Faerie Knight by the Knights of the Round Table[Pan 1].


Britt's Commentary

"The Space Camelot Character is based upon the original Tom a'Lincoln[Ext 1] character from later Arthurian Legend where he is the principal character of story by Richard Johnson[Ext 2]. Like in the original Arthurian Legend, Tom a'Lincoln in Space Camelot is most noteworthy for being the father of The Black Knight[Ext 3] and The Faerie Knight[Ext 4], however he also serves as a good way of explaining how these post-roman knights are able to pilot a ship - an expert naval officer at least aids in the suspension of disbelief." - Britt the Writer


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