Totallyevil is the daughter of Dr Evil, ruler of Disney, and sister to the NeS Hero Semievil, with whom she has an intense rivalry. She is mostly evil for the sake of being evil and takes get pleasure in maliciousness. She is powerful and determined and a great threat to the NeS Heroes. She will even take out other villains, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn, to ensure she is in charge.





She is cunning and will lure people into traps[NeS1 1].


The Fight of the Century of the Week

Main article: The Fight of the Century of the Week

When The Otter travelled up the radio tower of Ares' Colosseum in search of a bikini party filled with hot women, he instead found an empty tower and save for one sole occupant; Totallyevil. She clubbed him to unconsciousness with a black of cheddar cheese[NeS1 1].


Never-ending Story 1 References

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