Uncle Tusk is an sword-wielding barbarian loosely based on the character Tusk from the Killer Instinct franchise. Though a self-professed cat owner he also hates cats, which still seem drawn to him resulting in a comedic duo with Morris the Cat. Strong and powerful he joined the NeS Heroes when they fled the original Ares' Colosseum and made their way to Stonehenge.



Being based on the character Tusk[Ext 1] from Killer Instinct[Ext 2], and being described as a barbarian[NeS1 1], it is likely that Uncle Tusk directly resembles the character from which he is based physically. He is incredibly strong and muscular and wears next to nothing, save a loin cloth. He has long blonde hair tied back into a ponytail and has big, furry boots[Ext 1].


He is described as being mighty and sarcastic. Despite owning a cat he hates them[NeS1 1].



He owns a large two-handed blade but is capable of using much more exotic weaponry, including futuristic space guns like the Farsight XR-20[Ext 3] he found in the arena[NeS1 1].


The Fight of the Century of the Week

Main article: The Fight of the Century of the Week

Uncle Tusk arrived in the arena through a swirling vortex and was glad to be free of his cat. Despite being a sword-wielding barbarian, he knows how to use the futuristic Farsight XR-20 gun, which he found lying on the floor of the arena. However he is then verbally assaulted by Morris the Cat who declares that he is better than Uncle Tusk's own cat and taught that cat everything he knows. Tusk reveals that he hates cats, despite owning one[NeS1 1].

Totally Evil



Gebohq's Commentary

""Uncle Tusk" is based on the "Tusk" character from Killer Instinct 2[Ext 4], but more specifically, "Uncle Tusk" is a personality that the game company, Rare[Ext 5], used on their (now non-existent) website to answer emails." - Gebohq the Writer


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