The United Kingdom is a country that consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as several overseas territories. Great Britain refers to the island including England, Scotland but excludes Northern Island and the overseas territories. The United Kingdom is one of the most frequented locations within The Never-ending Story, especially its capital city of London where the Hall of Heroes is located within Elizabeth Tower (commonly referred to as Big Ben). The UK has a constitutional monarchy, the queen of which is now Queen Maeve. It was once part of the European Union before Europe fell under the control of Emperor Nyneve and the UK retained its independent sovereignty. In history Britain was formerly known as Britannia and was unified, along with all of Ireland, under King Arthur before he relinquished the throne to his son, Llacheu.



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Wales is the smaller of the nations of Great Britain and is situated on the West side of the island. The people of Wales are Welsh and they speak both the English and Welsh languages[Pan 1].

Mount Snowdon

Mount Snowdon is the tallest mountain in Britain and from its peak a person can see Ireland across the Irish Sea and even Scotland well to the north of England. There are two important lakes near to Mount Snowdon; Lake Glaslyn, where The Lady of the Lake is said to rise, and Llyn Llydaw, where a beast named the Afanc lurks[Pan 1].

Northern Ireland



As Britannia, Britain was unified under the rule of King Arthur with the help of Merlin and the druids of Doughnutdelf around 500AD[Pan 2]. Arthurian Britain included England, Scotland, Wales and the whole of Ireland. The lands were reportedly prosperous and content under Arthur's leadership[Pan 3].


Dumnonia is the south-western foot of England and includes the county of Cornwall where Tintagel Castle is found. It was once under the rule of Lady Igraine and her husband before her son, by another man, became king of all Britannia, including Dumnonia[Pan 3].


Tintagel Castle

In the region of Cornwall stands Tintagel Castle which was the seat of Arthur's mother's realm. Arthur was birthed on the beach outside the castle so that Igraine's husband wouldn't be aware of her affair with Uther Pendragon. Sometime after Arthur became king of all Britannia, Tintagel Castle became a family home and a place to meet his close friends and family away from the official politics of Camelot Castle[Pan 3].

Old North

The Old North, otherwise known as Hen Ogledd in Welsh, lies in the north of England where the people likely spoke Cumbric (an ancient British language). Merlin the Enchanter was born in the Old North[Pan 1]. The Old North is where Castle Camelot is located, bordering with Wales[Pan 4].


Pantheons of the NeSiverse

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