Vivane, commonly known as "The Lady of the Lake" by most humans of Earth, is an Aes Sidhe from the magical world of Albion.






Powers & Talents


Vivane has powers over magic with a proficiency in aqua magic (citation needed).

Channelling Spell

The spell used to raise Camelot from beneath the land of Great Britain required not only Morganna le Fay herself but aid from Vivane. This spell requires a massive amount of magical energy, which Vivane was able to channel from her home-realm of Albion, through The Rift and into Morgan. With this much magical energy being pumped into her, Morgan was able to lift Camelot - the equivalent of raising the entire land of Britain[Pan 1].


Space Camelot

Vivane was called upon by King Arthur to aid him in raising the mysterious space vessel hidden deep beneath the land of Great Britain. In order to do this Vivane had to channel immense amounts of magical energy from her home realm of Albion, through The Rift, and into Morganna le Fay who then acted as a conduit to direct the spell at the vessel and raise it. Shalott sent a communiqué from Mount Snowdon to inform Vivane that Camelot was destroying Ireland and needed to be pushed westward. Vivane relayed the message to Morganna and she did as told, saving Ireland, and rose Camelot into the sky[Pan 1]. As Camelot left Earth, Vivane stood atop of Castle Camelot along with Shalott and Prince Llacheu, who would now be king of Britannia. She was left to advice him on his rulership[Pan 2].


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