Template:Character Wolf is a villainous character and henchman of Totallyevil. He wields a staff as his primary weapon, however his trench-coat is made of dark aether and can consume people within it when they get too close. He is cruel and sinister, showing no remorse for his actions. He was, however, killed by MaybeChild when he tried to consume her into his dark aether. She was able to bring forth divine light within him and he exploded.



Little description of Wolf's appearance is given on the Pages of the NeS. He is referenced as wearing a black trenchcoat and wielding staff, but otherwise his physical appearance was left blank.


Wolf took pleasure in causing others pain and torment, however he was easily bored when not engaged in either activity. He was remorseless over his actions, no matter how violent they were or who his evil was cast upon.

Powers & Talents

Wolf's main skill were his martial arts as he was allegedly taught by the greatest kung fu masters, including Bruce Lee[Ext Ref 1]. Particularly Farr channelled his talent through his bo staff[Ext Ref 2]. He was also considered to be incredibly fast, verging on unrealistically so. Otherwise, Wolf's only power is the dark aether. It is somewhat unclear whether this power originates from his trenchcoat, or whether the power is within Wolf himself. When consumed by the dark aether, the person is drawn within Wolf himself as he is stated as having the aether within him. However to get there, Wolf had to use his trenchcoat to draw a person in.



The trenchcoat that Wolf wore acted as a conduit to draw in a person and consume them within the dark aether inside Wolf. Whether the dark aether is active only because of the trenchcoat, or if the aether existed within Wolf anyway, is unclear.


Wolf wielded a bo staff to strike his enemies down, using his years of martial arts training. However the staff was otherwise unremarkable and was easily burnt by MaybeChild before she killed Wolf.



Main article: Totallyevil (Story Arc)

Wolf appeared during the final few posts of The Fight of the Century of the Week Story Arc. Totallyevil had killed Grand Admiral Thrawn, the primary antagonist of the Story Arc, and displayed the man's severed head as proof of her power. Wolf, Totallyevil and Farr then arrived in the Arena to challenge the NeS Heroes. Wolf and Farr were acting as henchmen for Totallyevil and are usually considered to have been part of the Disney Forces, though Wolf was never credited as such. Wolf attacked and wounded The Otter. Then, the heroes were subjected to a Character Class[Ext Ref 3] system from the Dungeons & Dragons[Ext Ref 4] franchise, changing the characters' abilities into that of their respective D&D class. The Otter became a druid[Ext Ref 5], while anther NeS Hero, MaybeChild, became a cleric[Ext Ref 6]. With her new cleric powers, Maybe healed The Otter's wounds. The Otter was then able to use his new powers to transport the heroes, including himself, MaybeChild, Gebohq Simon, Antestarr and Semievil, out the Arena. The Arena, and the asteroid it was riding, was bound to crash into the Star Destroyer[Ext Ref 7] of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Totallyevil, Wolf and Farr followed the Heroes to Stonehenge. Above, they saw the destruction of Ares' Colosseum and the Star Destroyer, which led to the new Story Arc.

After the villains killed a Random Audience Member, the heroes engage in a brief, but futile, battle. Following that decided to hide. They created a bunker of metal using magic and surrounded themselves, and Stonehenge, inside. Wolf and Farr grew bored and began to attack each other before Totallyevil calmed them down. Uncle Tusk, Morris the Cat and Krig the Viking all arrived at Stonehenge. Morris the Cat wanted Uncle Tusk to attack the villains, but he refused. When Farr insulted Krig the Viking, the bearded man started to attack Farr. The Otter transformed into a cheetah and rescued Krig, but not before Wolf attacked The Otter again and did more damage, this time using knuckle dusters. Maybe, once again, healed The Otter. As heroes had a Nintendo 64[Ext Ref 8] inside their bunker, The Otter suggested that they should play the game Killer Instinct 2[Ext Ref 9]. Antestarr, however, said the game sucked. Unfortunately Uncle Tusk heard Antestarr outside of the bunker and became enraged that someone would insult his favourite game. He used his axe to cut open the metal bunker. Once inside, however, he saw Krig, a fellow barbarian, and they went off together to find food. With a hole now present, Wolf, Farr and their leader, Totallyevil, were able to get inside and attack the heroes. The Otter began preparing a new spell to teleport the heroes to safety. Semievil cast an ice spell upon Wolf in the attempt to slow him down. Eventually the spell activated and the heroes disappeared.

The three villains waited until the heroes eventually returned to Stonehenge, persuaded by MaybeChild to stand and fight. She came straight for Wolf and instantly burnt his staff to cinders. However when she got close he threw his trenchcoat out and absorbed her into his dark aether where she would break down into non-existence. But, as a cleric, she was able to draw on divine light, a particular weakness of Wolf's, and exploded in a burst of light, ending his life.


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