The Writers' Realm is one of the many Realms of existence within the NeSiverse. It is home to the Writers, who are responsible for the writing of the Never-ending Story and all of its iterations. These Writers, and their Realm, are often even stranger than that of the Characters and the Story Realm. The Writers are essentially self-inserted versions of the real world writers. Often each Writer will have a corresponding Character also, thus the elongated name mantle of each Writer must include "... the Writer" for clarification; ie Gebohq the Writer, while the Character is simply Gebohq. The Writers may directly interact with the Story Realm and its characters, though only twice have Characters been able to interact with the Writers' Realm. One Writer, Liberius Vir, actually switched places with his Character and now the Character inhabits the body of the Writer in the incorrect Realm. Antestarr, one of the NeS Heroes, has a personal vendetta against the Writers and seeks to actively undermine them.

ISB Office

The ISB Office, is the office for the Interactive Story Board where the Writers themselves will congregate to write[NeS1 1]. It is also known as "Massassi Temple Offices", specifically referring to the broader forum of Massassi Temple forum[NeS1 2].


Never-ending Story1 References

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